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Records what’s happening for 24/7, up to 10 days. You can check, save and share videos at any time, anywhere.

Notes: To activate your Netvue Protect Plan, first of all, please check if you have Netvue account:

If you do not have Netvue account, please email for further assistance.

Continuous Video Recording

Continuous recording,
Continuous protecting.

Records what’s happening for 24/7, up to 10 days. You can check, save and share videos at any time, anywhere.

Standard Price/mo$5.99$9.99$18.99
Standard Price/yr
Device1Up to 2Up to 5
CVR History5 Days10 Days10 Days
Pause Replay
Smart Timeline

Professional Monitoring

24/7 peace of mind

Professional monitoring can request the help you need, day or night. Get 24/7 protection in case of:

  • Burglaries or Break-Ins
  • Important moments with family
  • Surprisingly catch wild animals

Video Saving and Sharing

Simply record Video and share it to any one.

24/7 Video History

View video history in 10 days at anytime, any where,

User Friendly Timeline

Different events are marked on timeline,  Scroll it or select a specific time to scan replay video history. 

Quick Access

Tap the replay button on event details page, and it will jump to the replay page for the event time.

#Caught With Continuous Video Recording

Never miss a single moment


Two men trying to break into the house, even with a knife, luckily Netvue Belle- the video door bell has caught everything. Time to give it to the police and bring them to justice.

Car theft

Break-in happens a lot recently.
Time to keep a watchful eye on your property. What exactly did he took form the car?

Bear caught in night

See how night vision of Netvue outdoor security cameras caught in action!

Amazing Wild Life

Caught Amazing Wild Life with Vigil.

Very Funny moments

Sorry for Nikita's husband, but I just can't help but gave a loud laugh, hahaha...

A thief caught on Netvue

A thief picked the lock and sneaked into the store, luckily what he had done have been completely recorded and reserved.

Adorable Amazon Delivery Man

Look at this adorable Amazon Delivery Man!

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