Tips for an Effective Outdoor Camera Surveillance System

Tips for an Effective Outdoor Camera Surveillance System

Surveillance cameras are a great way to improve the security of your home. Residential surveillance cameras have become more readily available and affordable. They offer an effective and budget-friendly alternative to investing in a security company or professional security systems. However, they are only effective if installed properly.

If you’re searching for tips on how to set up security cameras for an effective residential surveillance system, try applying the tips below:

Get the right type of cameras

It is important to choose the right type of camera for your purpose. There are a wide variety of cameras offering various capabilities. Traditional directional cameras are fixed cameras. These cameras point only in one direction leaving various blind spots that criminal can take advantage of. A 360 outdoor security camera will turn in all directions to give you 360 degree coverage. This capability combined with a feature such as motion detection will provide you with greater security. Consider the different features and capabilities provided by different cameras and choose a camera that meets your needs.

Pick spots that offer the greatest coverage

Many people make the mistake of only placing cameras at their front doors. However, intruders don’t often use the front door to access homes. They will access your property from the most vulnerable spots such as the backdoor or your garage door. It is therefore important to ensure that these areas are considered when deciding where to place your cameras.

Locate cameras to get a better view of the most vulnerable parts of your home. Ensure you have a view of your front door, back or side doors, yard, garage and driveway. Be sure to pay attention to obstacles such as trees, bushes or walls that may obscure your view.

Keep your outdoor cameras visible

Unless you’re goal is to catch a person in the act of doing something e.g. breaking into your car or dumping trash in your yard, don’t both trying to hide your security cameras. Instead place them in areas where they are fully visible.

Security cameras aren’t just beneficial for recording footage of intruders but also for deterring them. Intruders that spot the cameras on your property are more likely to avoid your property all-together. Keeping your cameras visible will help to reduce the risk of unwanted intruders on your property.

Are you looking for a way to improve your home’s security? Use the tips above when installing security cameras for an effective surveillance system.

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4 Great Features to Look for In Security Cameras

4 Great Features to Look for In Security Cameras

Your home should be the one place on this planet that you feel the safest in. It’s therefore important to do all you can to ensure that it remains safe. Installing security cameras is a great way to make your home safer. Cameras act as deterrents to criminals. They also help you keep an eye on what is happening in and around your home.

There are various types of security cameras available in the market. It’s important to choose a security camera that will meet your needs and provide you with great value for your money. The following are four features you should consider when buying a security camera.

Micro SD storage

In the past, security cameras used internal storage on DVR or were connected to an external storage system to store surveillance recordings. Today, you can buy a security camera with an inbuilt SD card slot. You’d only have to purchase a micro SD card for security camera with the capacity you desire. These cards come in various capacities including 32GB, 64GB and even 128GB.

HVEC technology

Does the camera you’re buying feature h264 vs h265 technology? High Efficiency Video Coding (HVEC or H.265) technology offers advanced video compression. These cameras can encode files twice as efficiently as cameras with Advanced Video Coding (AVC or H.264) technology. This means that less space is taken up for storing recorded files. It also means that HVEC cameras can transmit high quality videos over limited bandwidth. You’ll get better quality live stream videos.

Motion or audio sensing technology

Motion sensing technology is a great feature to have in a security camera. Security cameras with this technology can detect movements and sounds. They can alert you on unusual movements through notifications. You can alert your Security Company or local law enforcement when you spot an invader. This technology can help you catch criminals before they cause harm.

Two-way communication

Two-way communication is another great feature to have in a security camera. Cameras that offer this feature come with inbuilt microphones. You can therefore communicate with family or guests remotely. For example, you can keep in touch with your children when they get home. You can tell the delivery man to leave the package when you’re not home to receive it.

If you’re in the market for a security camera, consider investing in a camera with some or all the features above. It will be money well spent.

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4 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Safer

4 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Safer

Are you wondering how you can make your home safer? You don’t have to install an elaborate and expensive security system or invest in the best security company. There are several simple and inexpensive ways you can improve the safety of your home.

Install security cameras

One of the best ways to beef up the security in your home is to install security cameras. Yard security cameras are especially great not only to help you keep an eye on what’s happening around your home but also as a deterrent to invaders, burglars and other criminals. Criminals don’t want to get caught on camera. They will avoid your home if they catch a glimpse of a security camera.

Mini house cameras are quite inexpensive and they do a great job. Some offer video recording as well as remote access so you can keep an eye on your home even when you’re miles away.

Keep your windows and doors locked

When you’re away from home ensure that your windows and doors are locked. Leaving the doors or windows open leaves your home vulnerable to intruders. It could even be the thing that attracts a criminal to your home.

Replace windows or doors that are damaged or worn out. Lock your garage door when it’s not in use. Avoid hiding spare keys in obvious places such as under a fake rock, potted plant or a mat. Instead, give the spare key to a trusted neighbor for safe keeping.

Keep the light on

Intruders avoid places that are well lit. They also often don’t want to take the risk of entering a property when people are in it. You can therefore deter criminals by keeping your property well-lit.

Invest in outdoor lights to keep your yard illuminated at night. Keep some indoor lights on when you’ll be away from home for an extended period. This will make intruders think that there are people home. Invest in motion sensor lights for areas that are near your home such as the garage and porch.

Don’t flaunt your wealth

Criminals usually target homes where they know they can get items of value. If you show that your home has many expensive things, you’ll become a target for criminals.

Make your home less attractive to criminals by removing expensive items from windows. Make it hard for people passing by to see into your home by using curtains or blinds to block their view. Avoid talking about what you own to people you’re not properly acquainted with.

Home security doesn’t have to be expensive. Take the steps above to make your home safer and save money while doing it.

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5 Reasons to Install Indoor Home Security Cameras

5 Reasons to Install Indoor Home Security Cameras

If you’re like many people, you’ve probably only installed outdoor security cameras. Outdoor security cameras are the first thing that many people think of when it comes to home security. While these security systems are great for protecting homes against intruders, installing indoor home security cameras can ensure your household is even safer. If you haven’t installed indoor cameras you may want to consider installing them for the following reasons.

They’ll help keep your family safe

Having cameras installed within your home ensures that you can keep tabs on what’s happening in your home. Are the kids safe at home? Is the babysitter having a party while you’re at work? Did the neighbor’s dog get into your home and mess up the kitchen? You can keep an eye on your home even when you’re miles away. 

They’ll help you avoid false alarms

What’s the first thing you do when your home alarm is set off? You probably contact your Security Company and rush home to find out what’s happening. However, many times it’s a false alarm. It may be your kid forgot the entry code or the cat tripped the motion sensors. An indoor camera system will help you avoid reacting to false alarms. You can quickly view what is happening within your home and determine the best action to take.

They’ll deter criminals

Having cameras installed in your home is not only a great way to be alerted to security breaches but can also serve as a deterrent. Criminals don’t want to get caught in the act on tape. If they spot your indoor surveillance system, they will most likely leave your home.

You can get a discount on insurance

Some insurance companies offer discounts to policyholders that take extra steps to ensure the safety of their homes such as installing cameras inside your home. You may therefore be rewarded for beefing up security in your home by saving a lot of money on your insurance premiums.

They’ll make your home smarter

Smart homes offer the great benefit of being able to carry out tasks in your home remotely. With indoor cameras you can make your home even smarter. Unlock the door for a guest when you’re running late. Or stock up on items that have run out in your pantry by simply checking the cameras to see what you need to buy.

If you haven’t installed indoor cameras, you’re missing out on the many benefits that they offer.

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How to Use Netvue Cameras as Nanny Cams?

How to Use Netvue Cameras as Nanny Cams?

What is a nanny cam? And why you might want to have a nanny cam? This is probably the first question that comes out of your mind when you see this question. If you don’t have a baby or babysitter at your home, it is actually quite hard to resonance with this topic of getting a nanny cam.
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How to Choose the Best Type of Security Camera

How to Choose the Best Type of Security Camera

When buying a security camera, many people focus on the purpose of the camera, the location of the camera, and the camera’s storage. While all these elements are critical, it is also important to buy a camera that offers flexibility in terms of the size of the area that it can be used to monitor and ease of mounting.

The pan tilt zoom camera and the magnet security cameraare some of the types of cameras that offer flexibility. Here are some tips for choosing the best type of security camera by considering the two types of camera systems.

Choosing a pan tilt zoom camera  

A pan tilt zoom (PTZ) camera functions by shifting the camera in different directions in order to capture a bigger surveillance area. PTZ cameras also allow for zooming in order to provide better details of the events being monitored. With a PTZ camera, you are able to observe large areas using just one camera and at the same time get great detail.

Why choose a pan tilt zoom camera?

  • Surveillance of large areas: Pan tilt zoom cameras are designed to monitor very large areas. They are therefore suitable for malls, farms, parking lots and other large areas.
  • Ability to manually control the camera: With a PTZ camera, personnel can view the exact thing they want to monitor at any given time.
  • Automated tour: PTZ cameras can be used to follow a specified schedule. This is advantageous because personnel do not necessarily need to be present in order to get the required views.

Choosing a magnet security camera

A magnet security camera is designed in such a way that it uses a magnet for mounting instead of the conventional fixed mount. The magnetic mount enables the camera to swivel and adjust to different angles since the camera is not screwed or held using a fixed structure.

Benefits ofmagnet security cameras

  • The camera is easy to mount since you can place it virtually anywhere. The magnetic mount is easy to install and will guide you on where to position the camera.
  • Since a magnet security camera swivels, it covers a wider area than cameras that are fixed in one position.
  • The magnetic camera has been designed to withstand disturbance from events such as strong winds, storms or interference by burglars. This is contrary to the popular myth that magnet security cameras are easy to steal.
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Important Tips for Security Camera Recording and Storage

Important Tips for Security Camera Recording and Storage

There are two very important things that you need know about how security cameras work: their recording and storage features. How a security camera records images determines how good the footage will be when it is accessed later or streamed live.

Similarly, your security camera’s storage will determine the size of video that the camera can hold. Many security cameras typically use micro SD cards to store video footage.

Here are some key points that you need to know about the recording and storage features of security cameras.

Recording Features: H264 vs H265

H.264 and H.265 are industry standards for video compression, which make it possible to record, compress, and distribute digital video content. H264, also referred to as Advanced Video Coding or AVC, was designed to enable high-grade transfer of full-motion videos while requiring reduced bandwidth.

In contrast, H.265, which is also referred to as High Efficiency Video Coding or HEVC, is a much more advanced video compression feature that can record video files in a way that is twice as efficient as H.264. The defining feature of H.265 is that it requires a greatly reduced amount of data and a significantly lower bit rate.

H264 vs H265: How the two technologies differ

The ways in which H.265 differs from H.264 are as follows:

  • 265 has a more powerful video compression capability compared to H.264.
  • 265 makes it possible to have much smaller file sizes in comparison to H.264. This means that cameras that use H.265 can store more data on a given storage media compared to those with H.264.
  • 265 consumes less bandwidth.

Storage Features: Choosing a micro SD Card for security camera

Micro SD cards are an affordable and convenient way to store security camera footage. Typically, 128 GB secure digital cards can store continuous video footage for a period of between 15 and 30 days. The size of video footage that an SD card can store is doubled if your camera uses H.265 instead of H.264. Security cameras that use H.264 normally require more storage space than those with H.265.

What to consider when buying a micro SD card for security camera

  • Ensure that the micro SD card is compatible with your smartphone or tablet.
  • Look for SD cards that can withstand different conditions without losing data. For instance, the SanDisk Ultra SD Card is waterproof, temperature-proof, X-ray-proof and shockproof.
  • Choose an SD card whose storage capacity matches your video recording needs.
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Important Tips for Buying a CCTV Camera

Important Tips for Buying a CCTV Camera

CCTV cameras are a critical component of monitoring home security and business surveillance. With CCTV cameras installed on your property, you have peace of mind since these systems help to deter crime. CCTV cameras are also cost-effective because they are easy to maintain and need little repairs.

Buying the right type of camera is critical to ensuring that the device works effectively and helps you achieve your surveillance goals. Here are some tips for buying the right type of CCTV camera.

Choose the right kind of camera

    When choosing aCCTV camera, you should consider whether the device will be used outdoors or indoors. For the outdoor environment, you need a device such as the live bird feeder cam. You should also think about whether the camera needs to be discreet or visible in order be a better deterrent.

    Last but not least, you should ask yourself whether you need a camera that has the capability to function at night, and if so, check the range of the camera.

    Review the camera’s features

      The field of view of any CCTV camera is an important determinant of how well the camera will function. Therefore, you need to be familiar with the area that each camera should cover and choose devices that have the most suitable lenses. It is important to note that unlike the human eye, the lens of a camera does not have the ability to auto-adjust.

      Some points to note:

      • For night use, consider cameras with infrared capability and keep the area to be covered in mind.
      • Cameras may have the same look, but the image sensor in each device determines how effective the system is.
      • A camera with a branded image sensor will produce better quality pictures for both night and day.
      Consider recorder and storage features

        CCTV cameras may use local storage devices such as USB drives, SD cards and hard drives or cloud storage. The storage should be large enough so that your recording is not overwritten before you view it. Also, the storage of the camera should be at a safe location so that it cannot be easily accessed by intruders.

        Consider your budget but go for high quality

          Whether you are buying a live bird feeder cam or any other type of CCTV camera, you should always insist on quality. Nowadays, HD cameras come at very reasonable prices for resolutions such as 1080P and above.

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          How to Set Up Security Cameras

          How to Set Up Security Cameras

          When planning to install security cameras in your home or office, there are three very important things that you will have to consider. The first one is the purpose of setting up the cameras, the second thing is the location of your cameras, and the third is the storage of your camera system.

          The purpose of the cameras

          You may want improve your premises’ security by monitoring intrusions by burglars and thieves. You may also be interested in keeping tabs with your loved ones and pets or keeping track of deliveries or any visitors to your office or home.

          Location of the cameras

          The location of your cameras also matters because it determines how effective the cameras will be in achieving your objective. You may choose to install a 360 outdoor security camera to monitor the outdoor environment, or indoor cameras to help you keep track of what happens inside your premises.


          The storage of your camera system also matters because it needs to be large enough and safe from intruders. Let’s look at how to set up security cameras and why storage matters.

          How to set up indoor security cameras

          Installing an indoor camera can be as simple as identifying the suitable position, mounting the camera, switching it on and linking it with your computer or mobile device. You may be required to do some drilling to install certain types of indoor cameras, but the work involved is minimal.

          • An effective indoor camera needs to have a broad field of view, meaning that you need to place it at a higher, secure position.
          • A tiny camera is preferable because you can place it almost anywhere and achieve your objective.

          How to set up outdoor security cameras

          Outdoor cameras should be able to withstand the outdoor environment. They should also have a wider field of view because the outdoor space is broader. For instance, a 360 outdoor security cameraplaced pointing towards a walkway or a driveway will help you to effectively monitor movements in these spaces and the surrounding areas.

          Why storage matters

          Security cameras may use local storage such as SD cards, USB drives, or digital video recorders. They may also use cloud storage, in which case you can check the footage of your camera using your computer or mobile device.

          Storage matters because if you use devices such as USB drives or SD cards, you will have to ensure that your camera is beyond the reach of potential thieves.

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          Introducing Netvue App’s New UI

          Introducing Netvue App’s New UI

          Netvue App New UI

          In order to provide a better experience to our users for both hardware and software solutions, Netvue has been created and launched a brand new UI recently. The improvement can be found in visual, ux and some new features. 

          Netvue App — Device Type

          After you purchase the Netvue device, the first thing that you will do is to download the Netvue App. Clicking the + sign on the right corner, you will then select the device type to be added into your Netvue account. 

          Netvue App — Live Stream View

          Following the process of adding devices, you will then see the live streaming view of your device showing on the home page of Netvue App. At this page, what you can see is the status of your device, a preview of the live streaming, and some buttons for control. 

          • The left arrow is for live stream replay. If you click on it, you can check on the playback period either on the cloud or on the SD card. If your devices have registered the Netvue Protect Plan with advanced Human Detection features, you will also see that the playback timeline is labelled with Motion & Human. You can easily slide left or slide right to check on the specific motions you would like to see. 
          • The bell goes into the motion list. All of the Netvue devices come in with free motion detection feature (static image mode). All the motions that happen will be recorded and saved as three images into the motion list. You will have up to 30 days free storage for all the caught motions. 
          • If you click on the setting sign, you will acess the Settings page of this device:
          Netvue App — Settings

          Here is like the control central of your device. You could easily add/delete users who have access to your device from there. Motion Detection management is where you can adjust all the settings related to motion alert, such as motion alert time and zone. 

          Netvue App — Motion Detection

          The last thing that is worthy to share is the secret gift that our development team built in the App. Not sure if you have notice this when you switch your device name👇

          Netvue App — Device Name

          When you switch your device name, you will see different emojis falling down from the top of your Netvue app. And for baby room, yes of course, it would be the feeding bottle 🍼🍼🍼


          👀 Please follow Netvue on Medium, leave your claps, or visit if you are enjoying learning more about the smart home industry with us!

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          Dome vs Bullet Camera

          Dome vs Bullet Camera

          Dome vs Bullet Camera, which one should you pick? Dome vs Bullet Camera Once you’ve decided to install a security system, you’ll need to determine the type of cameras to use. Bullet and dome cameras are the two most common types of cameras.
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          Advantages of IP Camera

          Advantages of IP Camera

          Do you have IP cameras? Are you interested in it? As one of the most popular cameras, it is equipped with more powerful features than the average camera. This article will analyze the main advantages of the IP cameras, and you’ll soon see how important it is in our daily life. What are IP cameras?
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