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What Pets Do When You’re Not Around 

        Have you ever wondered what your pets might be doing when you’re not around? The obvious answer is: Sleep, play with their toys and stare out the window. Anything else?
         The following clips shared by our users will show you their real life when they’re home alone. 

# 1. See you off when you leave for work, and wait for you at the door when you return. 

# 2. Treat himself a snack to kill the endless boring time. 

# 3. Or try to get hands on your dinner. 

# 4. “Spying on me? That’s not good.” 

# 5. Not sleepy at all, then get some exercise! 

        Curious about your fur friends’ real life? Set up a Netvue  pet camera, to watch their actions remotely, anywhere, anytime, from your smartphones as well as desktops. You’ll never miss a moment.
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