US Flag Pattern Face Bandana Face Mask Balaclava Face Scarf 1 Pack for Halloween For Gifts



Multi Use Ways: Can use as a neck gaiter, head wrap, face scarf, balaclava, beanie, sweatband or scarf bandana, wristband, hood.

Lightweight, Soft, High Elasticity and Breathable: breathable fabric, it transfers heat and humidity away from your body, increasing comfort in use and keeping you cool.

Protect From UV Sun Dust Wind: protect your neck and face at the same time, a UV sun-proof, dust-proof, sand-proof, windproof product.

Neck Gaiter Mask for Multiple Activities: Music Festivals, Concerts, Carnivals, Cycling, Climbing, Skiing, Hiking Outdoor Sports such as Motorcycles.

Size: 50cm x 25cm

Fabric Material: polyester fiber