10pcs KN95 Face Masks (Age 3-7) & 50pcs Blue Dog Pattern Kid Face Masks

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10PCS KN95 Face Masks (Age 3-7)

50PCS Disposable Kid Face Masks (Blue Dog Pattern)

 Features - KN95 Face Mask: Coming with activated carbon (non-woven fabric) layer to filter out fine dust, allergies, smoke, pollution, and almost 95% particles and 95% COVID-19 Virus in the air.

 Disposable Face Mask:

It is made of 3 ply non-woven material, and for healthy and safe use. It provides some protections against dust, automobile exhaust, pollen, etc. Perfect for medical, nail salon or any other areas where protection might be required, such as hospital, airplane, etc.

CE & FDA Certified:

The facial mask is 100% CE and FDA certified, ensuring the product is fully conformant with health, safety & environmental protection standards and 100% safe to use.