Multifunctional UV Disinfection Package | LED Light Sanitizer Bag (Gray)

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Effective and safe - There are 3 LED UV lamp beads on the top of the UV Light Disinfection Bag.

Multipurpose - The dimension of the bag is 8.25*4.75*3.25 inch, you can sterilize small item like mobile phone / headphones / jewelry / keys / beauty tools that is less than the dimension.

Potable to Anywhere - You can take it anywhere to use as you want. 

Rechargeable Endurable Built-in Cell.

Eye Protection Design - The lights will shut down automatically if the lid opened more than 30 degrees.

FCC, RoHS Compliant & CE certificated.

Tech Spec:

Product Dimension: 260 x 210 x 160 mm/ 10.24 x 8.26 x 6.29 inch

Material: Polyester Fiber + aluminum foil fiber`   

Using Steps:

1st, Open the zipper and put in the bracket.

2nd, Put the item on the bracket ( the items should be laid flat, not stacked) and pull up the zipper.

3rd, Connect the power supply, click the disinfection key and start automatic disinfection. The disinfection time is 3 mins.

Finally, After disinfection, the lamp will be automatically turned off and the items can be taken out.